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Old Grammarians

WGS Nostalgia site

The Wrenn School

WGS 1952

In Memoriam WGS...

Four "Memories" books are now available and can be bought in Wellingborough.    Contact me for postage and packing costs for England, Europe and abroad:                  

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Panorama 1968-74
Boots & Dr Jackson
WGS Display at OGs
 Form Photo  '52 'A' boys
Launch Photographs
Play info from 60s & 70s
David Bradshaw
Trips: new Photos
Croyland Jnr Chunky_Pine
David Walden

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Help name the boys.
It‘s up to you!  
All Panoramas available

Information and photos on the lads who fought in the war.    

In Memoriam overview

Please help me build up this section.

Most boys so far are from: The Forces (WWII)
Education, Arts and Politics
Surprisingly few from: Industry, Retail, The Police, Agriculture etc?

Who Can You Add?

  Interesting Old Boys          Reunions                                          Podcasts                                                     Other Sites

 2015/16    Reunions
1955 re-reunion
Earlier Reunions
 1952 ,1958 1940s,  
1945, 1952, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1958, 1967 Rugby

Note:  OG’s can also meet at the quarterly dinners held at the Memorial Ground.

 Hear Johnny speak both as a 40’s boys and as a master from 1953 to 1975

Do remember, photos, memories are needed to make the site live
send to:
If you went to WGS, please send me an e-mail with WGS in the subject line and tell me the years you were at the school — Graham Tall (1955)

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Hear Mr Wrenn speak in the 60’s
+ other podcasts

The four  books in the ‘Memories’ series are independent and comple-mentary. For example:
Memories of WGS’ provides an overview of the school, from a pupil perspective.
Mr Wrenn'’s School’ complements this by providing detail about and by the masters,  It describes aspects not considered in ‘Memories’.

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