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These four books on Wellingborough Grammar School have been written and published by the authors .  To discover more about them click on the title above or picture below.  

Copies  in Northamptonshire from:  Old Grammarians, Oxford Street; Wellingborough Museum, Dulles Baths; &  Northamptonshire Libraries
Postal copies can be obtained from the webmaster contact:   

Costs in the UK including p&p are as follows:   Memories of WGS: £21; Mr Wrenn's School: £21; Mr Woolley: £16; Letters to Mr Woolley £11:  
Memories of WGS + Mr. Woolley & Letters £41;  Mr Wrenn's School + Mr. Woolley & Letters £41:   Mr. Woolley & Letters:  £25.50   All Four books: £75.                                        I am happy to post copies abroad

 Memories and More Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School

by David and Graham Tall

4 Memories books:    Memories of W.G.S.     Mr Woolley Book       Letter Book     Mr Wrenn's School

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