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SAY CHEESE, PLEASE '    Is it vanity to have a framed photograph showing 600 stalwart lads arranged in order behind their mates, and to be able to point out "little Herbert" to admiring relations?  Few realise how long it takes to obtain this effect.  In our school it took a full hour, and by then smiles were becoming noticeably strained.
We left our form-room to see a precariously-balanced arrangement of chairs, benches and tables forming a series of platforms. The top row was already occupied when we clambered up, feeling the bench sway beneath us.
After half an hour everyone was in position except one small first-former. At last this minor obstacle was overcome. thanks to the tact of the camera-man.
The camera was wound, and the apparatus swung round, covering each of us in turn. Just as it stopped I swayed and clutched the next boy, who in turn caught his neighbour, until a whole row was over-balancing.  However, with a superhuman effort we clambered down safely, hoping that vanity was satisfied for another three years.   P. G. Uprox (3e)  (WGS Magazine Autumn 1962)

Sadly, there is no panorama between 1940 & 46.  If you have a photo of any of the boys please send a copy.
My years 1941-1945 missed out on photos unless we stayed on for HSC (Higher Certficate).  Even my cousin John Hanger who started in September 1940 and left in July 1946 missed out.  My group, born in 1930 would have been in their second year of HSC in the sixth form in September 1946 and only a few stayed on.  Most of my friends came from state schools in Rushden or were evacuees, (who  were back in London).  Alan Bonham  (1941-1945)

The Missing Years....I was most disappointed to see from the Panoramas that my 'service' between 1943 and 1946 June was not recorded. I was (then) Richard Arthur Cooper and I lived in Irchester . I had been an evacuee to Rushden from London but my mother came down and bought a bungalow in Wollaston Rd. Irchester and I went to Irchester Junior School. I still have my Form Prize of a book from Form IIIb in June '46.  Whether I could be included in Memorable Old Boys I am not sure . I am listed in Debretts People of Today and am happy to post you a copy of my entry if you would let me have an address. I'm the President of the Royal Artillery Assn in Eastbourne and served on the City of London Council inter alia.  I retired as Head of Human Resources at Deuutsche Bank Capital Markets. in 1990. I hope to hear from you                                   Best regards Richard Austin-Cooper.

 Rumour: Someone appeared twice on the same panorama.

This rumour is repeated by  boys on different panoramas:  
Two of which are referred to below.
Rumour 1:    Perce Long (centre of picture) insists that he slipped and didn't attempt to appear twice in the 1955 Panorama:
Back Row:  Seamark & Ian (Jock) Reid
Middle Row: Richard/Robert? Deacon, Perce Long (disappearing downwards) & Trevor Clarke
Front Row: David Ozier, Jim Cockerill and Graham Hobby

Rumour 2: It was Fred Astle who had his face on both ends of a panoramic picture.  It did happen - he received 6 of the best for it. I will check my panoramic picture to see if it's on that one.   James Tomkins  1958-
(I have checked EVERY Panorama - it DIDN’T Happen!!  Webmaster)

 The photograph of each individual has been separated.  Those for panoramas 1930 to 1940 are placed/named in rows; the panoramas for 1946 onwards are also collated into classes.  The few unidentified individuals are placed on a separate page - If you can identify these, please send to grahamtall@wgsmemories.org.uk .

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