The Vaughan Family Tree

Ancestors and Relations of Frank Vaughan & Sarah Logan

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Married on 9 November 1908  @ The Church of All Soul’s, Netherton, Cumberland

 Introduction         Why it is worth studying Family History

1.    Vaughan Family Tree


2.     Introduction


3.    The Vaughan Family before 1908

a) The Vaughan’s

b) The Watters’ family

c) The Hudson Family Line.

d) The Neil Family Line.

4.    The Logan Family before 1908

a)  The Logan Family

b)  The Muse Family

5.    Frank Vaughan & Sarah Logan’s family.

a)  Thomas Watters Vaughan    }
b)  Bob Vaughan                      } Frank and Sarah's 
c)  Frank Vaughan                    } family
d)  Louie Vaughan                    }
e)  Helen Vaughan                    )


1.  Vaughan Family Tree


2.    Introduction

This family history was started with the aid of a family history tree provided by Derek, husband of Louie. On the basis of this information Graham, husband of Stephenie, searched the:

1841-1891 censuses in Cumberland
Parish registers that had been copied by the Church Of Latterday Saints
The St.Catherine’s Index for information on births, marriages and deaths.

Tom, Bob and Louie Vaughan provided background personal insights to the public information available on the family of Frank Vaughan and Sarah Logan.

If anybody reading this can supply information and photographs to expand the above they would be gratefully received. All photographs would be copied and returned. At present we have only one photograph of the 1908 Vaughan family.

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