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Name Year Brief Description
2nd Afghan War 1867 The purpose to remove the expansion of Imperial Russia into India (David Nichols)
Chartism 1840 Insistence on the vote for ALL adult males
Corn Law 1846 The effect of the large scale production of corn in the USA and its export to Britain
Exodus 1948? Returning Jews to Europe from Palestine
General Strike 1926 Brief reference to the General Strike - no evidence of much impact on Tall Family
Napoleonic War 1800 Experiences at sea of Robert Ball
Pit Disasters 1922
Protestation  1641 All men over the age of 18 asked to sign a document informing King Charles that they wished to remain in the Anglican Church.     Cornwall   
WW I     -    Men 1914 Background to the War  Somme,  PasschendaelGaza
WW II    -    Men 1939 See Military Page


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