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Ancestors, Relations and Descendants
of    Stephen Nichols        20 June 2012

Nichols The name is thought to come from the Latin Nicolaus which is derived from a Greek name for "Victory People" - it may also have associations with France. A totally different explanation is that the name has Scottish antecedents, the Nicholsí family being a branch of the Macleods - Scandinavian description: Nic for daughter of Ols a clan chief?

The family history is organized by date and family name.  Inevitably most space is given to the descendants of Stephen's son Frank Nichols.  However, if any other members of the family wish to send me information on their line, this will be happily added. 

The evidence linking sections 4A, 4B and 4C below is geographical, there is no genealogical PROOF that the Nichols living in Northamptonshire in the nineteenth century were the descendants of the John & Annys Nichols who lived there in the fifteenth century, or were related to Matthias Nicholl who became Mayor of New York. But, letís assume they were!!




Introduction                Why it is worth studying Family History


Family Recollections    Background information


Ancestors, Relations and Descendants of Stephen Nichols

A Possible Ancestors in Northamptonshire  
John Nicoll & Links to America Matthias Nicoll                                             Circa 1400
B Probable Ancestors in Northamptonshire                                                            Circa 1600
C Richard Nichols and Richard Kurby's Families, Ancestors and Relations Living in Northamptonshire                                                                                               Circa 1800
D William Nicholsí and Relations Living in the Mid and Late Nineteenth Century   Circa 1838
E Stephen and Bessie Nichols and Stephenís Parents at Braybrooke.                  Circa 1877


Frank, Ellen and Lillian Nicholsí Family                                                         Circa 1900

5. Unidentified individuals with family names in Northamptonshire
6. Other family lines
The Ball Family in Cornwall - Stephen's wife (Bessie's) ancestors and relations.

The Smith Family in Staffordshire.  Frank Nichols wife (Lillian's) ancestors and relations. )



In this introductory section the only detailed family tree is the one given below.  The tree identifies the great great grandparents of Stephen Nichols and his children:

Note: No Family History has been carried out with respect to the ancestry of Lucy Ellen Hefford.

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