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The following is very much a draft, all dates need to be checked:

Date Name   USA/Canada Australia/New Zealand S.Africa  Other
1664   Matthias Nichol N.York,    America      
1830  Robert Ball Ontario,     Canada    Speicher's    
1840 Edwin Ball


   Australia  Ball's    
1854 Edward Ball

Macleay River

   Australia  Ball's    
1920 Edwin Ball Ontario,     Canada    Ball's    
1900's Margaret Nichols      Australia  Panter's    
1900s Son(s) William Orme     S.Africa  
1900s Lillian Wyton California,    USA    Kirkham's    
!950's Ann Tall Maryland,    USA    Vohsberg's    
1960's Rosemary Tall Nevada,      USA    DeHart's    

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