Christopher Ball of St. Veryan & St. Ervan

Christopher Ball of  St. Ervan & Little Petherick & his descendants  

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The Christopher Ball of St. Ervan and St. Veryan is the earliest confirmed ancestor of the Ball's living in the area around Padstow in Cornwall.  His ancestors are probably the Ball's living in St. Minver, see information on St.Veryan.   All information I have on Christopher Ball and his descendants is listed in the:


Ball Family Tree


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Family lines of  Bessie Ball's descendents  Topic Areas:   In process of development.
Ball (Cornwall) Individuals Certainty in Genealogy
Nichols (Northamptonshire)  Villains Surnames
Orme (Nottinghamshire)   Migration
Smith (Staffordshire) Military  
Tall (Bedfordshire, & Northants)   Social/Political Events
Vaughan (Cumbria) Pit Disasters  
Wyton / Kirkham (Oxfordshire)   Poetry

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